The Rewind – Why your writing should sound like a song.  

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn that caught my attention (a rare thing nowadays). Three paragraphs of text were highlighted and categorized by the length of each sentence. You can read the passage for yourself below. 


Interesting, right?  

Think of all the different forms of content your team or agency is responsible for curating and distributing as part of the strategy. There are videos to script, infographics to design, webinars to develop, etc. The list really goes on. At the center of it all is a good ol’ copy doc.  

At Grapevine, our ideas turn into award-winning campaigns, websites and collateral pieces, and these projects all begin with our content creation team as a concept in written word.   

Think about the structure of a song: it flows. Likewise, your copy should, too. I’ll be honest, I never thought of writing this way until I saw the post. But now I realize what makes me flip the page or put the book on a shelf to collect dust. It’s the rhythm.  

The beautiful thing about conducting your writing is that if you give it “sound” it will carry through any form. If it stays as written word, great! If it’s developed into a video, ad, or website, even better.  

The bottom line is, if you write music, you give your words life. If your words have life, then your audience will be able to “hear” you no matter where you are and how they come across your brand.  

We love to write music at Grapevine and have a talented full-time staff that wants to help you craft the perfect tune for your listeners. Reach out today at https://grapevinepublicrelations.com/contact-us/ and let us do the composing for you.  

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